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Hello World Web Hosting: WordPress Slider Revolution plugin critical vulnerability

Slider Revolution, a plugin bundled with a LONG list of popular #WordPress premium (Envato, ThemeForest themes, including Avada) themes, has a critical vulnerability. Users of these themes may not even know about this, because the Developers decided to keep it quiet.

Wait…WAT????? Read the article for a link to the list of affected themes.

Number of worldwide social network users 2010-2017 | Statistic

If you own or manage a website, especially for a small business, you need to keep social media in mind when you do marketing. Just take a look at these numbers!

And OMG…I used the “marketing” tag. Ugh. I feel so dirty….. :)

5 Million Gmail Passwords Leaked, Check Yours Now


READ the article if you use Gmail. There is no evidence to support that Gmail itself has been compromised, and there are a lot of reports that the passwords leaked are very old (yet another reason to change your passwords on a regular basis!).

It’s highly possible that there passwords were obtained from another hack, and then tried against that person’s Gmail account. Here’s an example: say you have a LinkedIn account, that lists you Gmail email address, and you use the same password to both LinkedIn and Gmail. Hackers compromise LinkedIn, steal your details, and try that same password they now have against your Gmail.

Aaaaaaand you’re toast.

It may take a while to get through to the IsLeaked site where you can test your Gmail address to see if it’s among the 5 million that were leaked. Keep trying. Change your Gmail password now, anyway.

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